Our first big international charity project is Little Hearts.

Little Hearts is an orphanage in Cambodia where children are mentored until they can go through life independently as young adults.

The  children go to school and take taekwondo, drawing, dance classes …
They also help with household chores such as cooking, cleaning and gardening.

However, their work does not stop at the orphanage. They help build the development of Arey Ksat, the village where the orphanage is located.

About 100 children attend extra classes together with the children
at the orphanage.
When the dentist or doctor visits, neighbourhood children are invited for a free examination.

Here you can find a video of Bunrath, one of the children living at the Little Hearts house, telling us about his bucket list for the future, his busy daily routine at Little Hearts, and reflects on his relationship with Tony, the founder of the organization.

With Transmare Chemie we support the organization financially to help and work together towards a sustainable development.

Faja Lobi

The second international project we attribute to with the Transmare team is Faja Lobi.

FajaLobi runs several projects aimed at tackling environmental and social challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are 2 big pillars within project:

  1. Reforestation on lands that are leased by the government. The organization employs local people. Hundreds of hectares a year can be afforest by them what makes them currently 1 of the major employers in the region.
  2. Agroforestry: more sustainable agriculture by combining afforestation and cultivation. They create more fertile land for both (cultivation and trees) on pieces of land that were ‘burnt down’ by deforestation and thus were no longer fertile/less fertile and abandoned. Moreover, they teach these techniques so that people can continue their project aside from the organization.

In general, they are consciously acting against global warming and climate change. Population growth puts pressure on the natural wealth of the world.

 In rural areas the reforestation program takes up the challenge of reducing environmental deterioration.

To ensure that the project can remain sustainable, the Transmare team has committed to establishing a long-term relationship with the organization starting from 2023, ensuring the prospect of a stable project with certainty of progress.