Your chemicals distribution partner

Transmare Chemie is a leading specialty chemicals distributor with a global reach, as well as a particular expertise in emerging markets such as the Middle East, Latin America, the CIS region and Africa. Core values within the company are quality, expertise & service excellence. Products are carefully selected to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

As your ‘one stop shop’ chemicals distribution partner, we give you flexible, reliable and sustainable access to the world’s leading manufacturers as well as to Transmare’s global logistics expertise. We bring in-depth industry expertise to the table, allowing us to provide not just world class support but also tailored solutions, serving our mission to make our clients extremely successful.






Transmare distributes specialty chemicals and chemical products from the world’s leading manufacturers, offering a unique portfolio of highly specialised products. Our robust souring network allows us to supply nearly any kind of chemical and to deliver it nearly anywhere in the world, quickly and reliably. For each market segment we strive to add value via our expertise.

Transmare is a trusted partner within the pharma industry. The comprehensive product portfolio includes excipients, pharma grade solvents and APIs (Active Pharmaceutical ingredients) for almost every pharmaceutical application.

The product portfolio includes a wide range of additives used in personal care products, cosmetics and industrial applications, such as solvents, surfactants, preservatives and many more.

A wide range of specialty food ingredients of the highest quality include nutritional additives & flavours which can optimise nutritional value, taste, texture & shelf life of end products.

Transmare offers a unique portfolio of highly specialised products which can improve efficiency in the agrochemical industry. Products can be applied to optimise the nutrition of livestock or crop protection.

Specialty additives supplied to the paint & construction industry are carefully selected to provide good adhesion and fixation as well as to endure harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Transmare delivers a wide range of consistent and specialty chemicals to manufacturers of plastic end products and intermediate goods used in electronics, vehicle manufacture, medical devices and much more.

Transmare is a reference distributer for the oil and gas industry. The portfolio includes speciality lubricant, fuel additives and synthetic base oils, enhancing both the performance and longevity of the final products.

Transmare provides quality products for a variety of industries including mining, water treatment and many more besides.


A dedicated global team is passionately working together to provide immaculate service and the best possible solution.


Our new prospect, beginning from 2023 is to “Play our role in the constructive cause and to help make a difference by giving back!”.  Find out what the Transmare Team has been investing it’s time into to reach the goal.

We are very pleased and honored that Transmare Chemie N.V. was nominated for the "Trends Gazellen 2021”. Even more proud that, for the 2nd year in a row, we made it to the top 100, 56th place this year in the “Grote Gazellen” category of Antwerp. This was only possible thanks to our amazing team and our superb customers. Thank you all!