About Transmare Chemie

a widely respected chemicals distributor

Transmare Chemie is a widely respected chemicals distributor with a global reach and a great deal of expertise in emerging markets such as Africa, Latin America, the CIS region and the Middle East. As one of the most respected chemical distribution companies for over fifty years, we are known for our ability to deliver reliably anywhere in the world. We have a vast and ever-growing customer network which stretches across several continents.

Chemical products are sourced from leading chemical manufacturers all over the world. This allows us to offer a comprehensive product portfolio – consistently, reliably and with full transparency up and down the supply chain. We supply a broad range of specialty chemicals, raw materials and APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) applicable to multiple market segments.

A ‘one stop shop model’ makes wholesale chemical sourcing time and cost efficient for our partners. We focus on customer intimacy and excel in support and responsiveness. Our qualified sales team leverages extensive technical and market expertise by offering tailor made solutions for each organisation and market.

Quality assurance and sustainability are two of our most important values and integral parts of our corporate culture. As a result, all of our processes and facilities are ISO9001 and API certified. Likewise, all of our products are transparently sourced from certified manufacturers, and carefully screened to ensure that they meet the highest standards in the industry in all ways.


Delivering growth opportunities to suppliers and customers

At Transmare, we are wholeheartedly committed to add value throughout our network. Through strategic long-term partnerships we deliver growth opportunities to suppliers and customers alike.

We at Transmare aim to become the chemical distribution partner of choice for manufacturers all over the world. Our customers’ interests and reputations are our highest priority. We work to protect them by our own continuous improvement.

We continually work to identify new products and sources as part of our commitment to bring innovation to our entire customer network. We give flexibility, reliability and professionalism needed to fuel growth and market expansion.

Our mission is to leverage our expertise, infrastructure and contact network in order to help our clients succeed, after all.

At Transmare, our focus is on creating value through enduring partnerships. Our success is driven by our people, whom we empower to reach their full potential and pursue their aspirations. As a dynamic learning organization, we take pride in cultivating an environment where our colleagues are not only empowered but also find genuine delight in working together in high-energy teams. We celebrate milestones and cultivate lasting partnerships with suppliers and customers, laying the groundwork for ongoing success.



In order to supply the right chemistry, we put all of our global infrastructure at your disposal. Our extensive warehouse facilities and certified organisational processes guarantee the efficient handling of orders. A global network of strategic partnerships ensure timely delivery anywhere in the world and at any time of the year.


The warehousing facility is located in the heart of the port of Antwerp. With more than 2000 pallet places at our disposal and more than 160 products in stock, we can help reduce your lead times and deliver the goods you need to thrive quickly, reliably and with incredible flexibility. Perhaps more importantly, we can guarantee to supply fresh products anywhere in the world at any time of the year.

Just like all of our assets at Transmare Chemie, our warehouse is ISO-9001 and API certified. Moreover, it is the only logistics warehouse in Europe to have earned the infamous EXCiPACT certificate. Our warehouse demonstrates everything that we stand for: quality, customer focus and speed.


At Transmare Chemie, one of our most important products is an intangible: logistical organisation. We know that it is important to keep the logistics processes running smoothly and that logistics is much more than just transport from one place to another. We have extensive in-house knowledge of transport, documentation, licensing, customs, warehouse management, stock administration and documentary credits all over the world. Moreover, we have the expertise required to fully comply with al international standards when organising and processing orders. Our partners are perfectly positioned in strategic locations, so we can deliver a tailored and timely service, ensuring stock is available and ready to ship to all our markets.

In close collaboration with our logistics service provider Van Moer Logistics we’re able to offer flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions across a wide variety of different industries.